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Dawood Ahmed:

ISLAMABAD: In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has dismissed a petition seeking the withdrawal of disqualification for the former provincial finance minister of Balochistan, Khalid Langove, to participate in the upcoming general elections. The decision was made by a 3-member bench headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer argued that Khalid Langove intended to participate in the general elections, and thus, the decision of disqualification should be suspended. However, the court maintained that a candidate cannot contest elections while facing a suspended punishment.

Langove Wants To Loot Again In Balochistan? Asks CJ Qazi

Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa highlighted the gravity of the case, pointing out that a substantial amount of money was seized from Longo’s residence. A staggering 2 billion 24 crore 91 lakh rupees were confiscated, and the former minister was handed a relatively lenient sentence of only 26 months. The Chief Justice expressed concern over the seemingly inadequate punishment, stating that individuals like Langove, associated with large-scale financial misconduct, should be barred from participating in elections.

CJ Questioned Lenient Punishment To Langove

The court further emphasized that Langove’s actions, including the discovery of substantial amounts of domestic and foreign currency loaded onto trucks and taken away from his residence, painted him as an enemy of Balochistan. The Chief Justice questioned the reasoning behind the comparatively lenient punishment, stating that such individuals should be kept away from the political arena.

SC Decision Sends Strong Message

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa went on to inquire whether the intention of contesting elections was to gain further opportunities for financial misconduct, suggesting that Longo’s past actions raised concerns about his commitment to the well-being of Balochistan.

This decision by the Supreme Court sends a strong message against corruption and financial malpractices, emphasizing the need to uphold the integrity of the electoral process by keeping individuals with questionable records away from the political arena.

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