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QUETTA: Former Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, the leader of Jamiat ul Ulema-e-Islam F and Chief of Sarawan, expressed apprehensions about the electoral process, emphasizing the need to ensure the sanctity of the vote and prevent any undue interference.

Raisani expressed concern over the credibility of the electoral process, echoing sentiments about past elections in 2018. He urged against repeating the mistakes of the past and stressed that an election should remain just that—an election, devoid of any interference or manipulation.

No Selection Should Be Promoted

“We are witnessing a strong push for selection,” remarked Raisani, underlining the importance of intelligent people not favoring any form of selection in the electoral process. He cautioned against violating the sanctity of the ballot paper and called on the Election Commission, the people, and the caretaker government to avoid any underhanded tactics.

“We request the people to check and choose the best representatives for themselves,” Raisani urged, emphasizing the vital role that citizens play in preventing fraud during elections. He acknowledged that political issues are at the forefront of the nation’s challenges, closely followed by economic concerns.

Nawab Raisani Condemns Violence Against Baloch Women

Addressing the recent events in Islamabad involving the Baloch Solidarity Committee protesters, Raisani condemned the violence, expressing his disapproval of such actions. He asserted that if the federal government perceives them as outsiders, they should be informed, emphasizing their belief in the collective ownership of the state.

“We believe that this state is ours, and while living within its structure, we will continue our struggle for the rights of the nations,” Raisani declared, affirming their commitment to advocating for the rights of the people. Currently, Jamiat ul Ulema-e-Islam F is gearing up for the 2024 general elections, with Raisani set to contest from PB-37 Mustang.

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