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In a bid to enhance transportation facilities for the masses, the Balochistan government has announced a significant expansion of the green bus fleet. Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of Balochistan Public Private Partnership (BPPP), revealed that 25 more eco-friendly buses are set to grace the roads of Quetta shortly. The provincial government has already submitted a comprehensive feasibility report to the Planning Commission of Pakistan, seeking approval for the purchase of these green buses.

Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan stated that the ambitious plan aims to have a total of 100 green buses navigating the streets of Quetta in the coming months. The green bus project, initially approved by the former Chief Minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, has garnered momentum under the current administration.


Green Buses To Operate From Marriabad To Hazara Town

The expansion of the green bus service is not confined to the city center; it is set to reach various key areas, including Hazara Town, Marriabad, Samungli Road, Sariab Custom, Nawan Killi, and other crucial parts of the provincial capital. Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan emphasized that this move is a response to the long-standing demand for decent transportation facilities by the masses.

Currently, only eight buses operate from Balochistan University to Belili Airport Road, prompting calls from the public for an increase in the number of green buses. Asadullah, a young resident, expressed relief at the introduction of the green bus service and demanded an expansion to meet the growing demand.

PM Promises Provision Of 100 Green Buses

In a recent visit, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar announced the provision of an additional 100 green buses for Balochistan, further solidifying the government’s commitment to improving public transportation in the region.

As the Balochistan government continues to prioritize sustainable and accessible transportation, the upcoming influx of green buses is poised to alleviate the commuting challenges faced by the residents of Quetta.

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