File Photo: Rescue operation underway for the recovery trapped miners in Muslim Bagh Killa Saifullah district: Photo provided by Levies Force

Abdul Nafi Kakar:

KILLA SAIFULLAH: In a critical turn of events, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority Balochistan (PDMA Bln) has been alerted to a mine collapse in District Killa Saif Ullah. Initial reports indicate that one miner has been successfully rescued, but another remains trapped inside the precarious mine.

Responding promptly to the urgent plea from the District Administration, the PDMA Rescue Force has been swiftly mobilized. Acting under the direct orders of the Director-General of PDMA, the highly trained rescue force is currently en route to the incident site. They are armed with essential rescue gear and state-of-the-art equipment crucial for the success of the mission.

The Provincial Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) at PDMA is closely and vigilantly monitoring the evolving situation. As the nerve center of emergency management, PEOC PDMA assures the public that every resource and effort is being deployed to ensure a swift and effective rescue operation.

“We understand the gravity of the situation in District Killa Saif Ullah, and our dedicated rescue teams are working tirelessly to reach the trapped miner. Our thoughts are with the affected individuals and their families, and we remain committed to utilizing every available resource for a successful outcome,” stated [DG’s Name], Director-General of PDMA.

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