File Photo: This mud walled house collapsed after gas leakage explosion in Quetta's Killi Badezai Khartoabad area: Photo provided by the author

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QUETTA: In a harrowing series of incidents, three separate explosions rocked different areas of Quetta, leaving a trail of devastation and 15 individuals with severe burn injuries. The calamitous events unfolded in Eastern Bypass, Nawan Kali, and Kuchlak, shattering the lives of multiple families.

The most tragic incident occurred near Quetta East Bypass Bhosa Mandi, where a house became the epicenter of a massive explosion due to gas leakage. A husband, wife, and five innocent children bore the brunt of the blast, suffering severe burns in the process. The intensity of the explosion not only damaged the house but also sent shockwaves through the community, leaving bystanders in shock and horror.

4 Suffered Burn Injuries in Kuchlak

In another incident, four individuals from the same household were injured in a separate gas explosion, adding to the growing toll of casualties. The blast, which occurred in Kuchlak, involved a husband and wife among the victims. The force of the explosion left the victims with significant burn injuries, prompting emergency services to swiftly intervene.

All the injured were promptly transported to the burn ward of Civil Hospital in Quetta, where medical professionals are tirelessly working to provide the necessary care and treatment. Among the victims, children are particularly affected, emphasizing the devastating impact of the explosions on innocent lives.

Quetta Has Been Grappling With A Series Of Gas-Related Incidents

Quetta has been grappling with a series of gas-related incidents in recent times, raising concerns about the safety of residential areas. Past incidents have underscored the urgency of addressing gas leakages and implementing stringent safety measures. Authorities are now facing mounting pressure to investigate the root causes of these explosions and take proactive steps to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The community is left mourning, and questions linger about the adequacy of safety protocols and the maintenance of gas infrastructure in the region. As the injured continue their battle for recovery in the burn ward, the broader community awaits comprehensive actions to ensure the safety and well-being of Quetta residents in their homes.

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