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QUETTA: In the run-up to the upcoming general elections, a surge of democratic enthusiasm has been witnessed in Quetta, as 770 candidates have initiated the nomination process for the three National Assembly seats and nine Provincial Assembly seats. The Provincial Election Commission’s spokesperson shared key updates, shedding light on the current status of nominations from various constituencies.

National Assembly Contest:

  1. NA 262 Quetta I:
    • 72 candidates have received nomination papers.
    • 2 nominations have been submitted.
  2. NA 263 Quetta II:
    • 84 nomination papers are pending.
    • 2 nominations have been collected.
  3. NA 264 Quetta III:
    • 65 candidates are expected to be nominated.
    • 1 nomination has been submitted.

Provincial Assembly Highlights:

  1. PB 38 Quetta:
    • 47 nomination forms are pending.
  2. PB 39 Quetta:
    • 68 nomination forms are pending.
    • 4 nominations have been collected.
  3. PB 40 Quetta:
    • 59 nomination papers are pending.
  4. PB 41 Quetta:
    • Recruitment is ongoing, with 2 nominations received.
  5. PB 42 Quetta:
    • Maximum participation was observed with 84 released papers and 10 collected nominations.
  6. PB 43 Quetta:
    • 49 aspirants have received nomination papers.
    • 6 nominations have been submitted.
  7. PB 44 Quetta:
    • 76 individuals have received papers.
    • 2 nominations have been submitted.
  8. PB 45 Quetta:
    • Nomination papers are in progress.
    • 2 nominations have been submitted.
  9. PB 46 Quetta:
    • 67 candidates are expected to be nominated.
    • 2 nominations have been collected.

The spokesperson emphasized that the nomination process is ongoing, indicating a robust response from prospective candidates. As Quetta gears up for the elections, the diverse range of constituencies reflects a dynamic democratic landscape, with candidates actively engaging in the democratic process. The election commission encourages further participation, underscoring the significance of citizens exercising their right to contribute to the nation’s democratic journey. Stay tuned for more updates as the election season unfolds.


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