Caretaker Health Minister Balochistan, Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan Jogezai talking to reporters

Jabbar Baloch:

KHUZDAR: Caretaker Provincial Health Minister, Dr. Amir Mohammad Khan Jogezai, undertook a three-day visit to Jhalwan Medical College Khuzdar. The Minister was accompanied by Commissioner Nisar Mastoi and Additional Commissioner Arif Zarkun.

Dr. Jogezai’s Productive Four-Day Expedition: Journeying from Mastung to Hub, Encompassing Key Districts Alongside the Minister for Industries and Energy, Prince Ahmed Ali. It was one of the hectic tours and the minister spent the whole time improving the health facilities in the far-flung areas of Balochistan.

Stressing unity among staff, Dr. Jogezai expressed concern over the slow progress of Jhalwan Medical College, attributing delays to fund release issues. The project director outlined challenges, seeking funds and CSR.

Dr. Jogezai assured swift action, promising to address concerns with higher authorities. He advocated allocating three acres for CPSP, enhancing medical college benefits. Engaging with officials and staff, the minister pledged support for prompt resolutions.


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