Syed Muhammad Qaseem: It has been more than eight months since the ferocious war in Sudan started. Unfortunately, it(the war) has been forgotten by the mainstream media and world leaders, as much of the world’s attention is on Ukraine and Gaza.

The United Nations (UN) stated that Sudan is faced with a hunger catastrophe; around 25 million people require humanitarian aid. Moreover, the UN revealed its statistics, more than 6 million people were displaced in Sudan as a result of the war. Furthermore, till now, more than 12000 people have been killed.

Since the war’s inception, Khartoum and Chad have remained the main battleground between the Army and the Para-Military Forces. People are forced to leave their houses and live in refugee camps, for their safety.

The situation in Sudan is dire; the already crippling economy has become more vulnerable; inflation has skyrocketed; people are faced with water and food scarcity.

Background of the War:

The war is a struggle for power between Abdul Fateh Al-Burhan, the Army Chief of Sudan, and his Deputy Mohamed Hamdan. The war started on 14th April 2023, between Sudan’s Army and the largest paramilitary Force, Rapid Support Force (RSF) over the disagreement on RSF’s integration into the Army.

Both leaders, Al-Burhan and Hamdan, accuse each other of starting the war and continuously refuse to negotiate. The infighting has left every sector of life paralyzed. The UN and other key organizations should take immediate steps to mediate a ceasefire.


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