File Photo: This mud walled house collapsed after gas leakage explosion in Quetta's Killi Badezai Khartoabad area: Photo provided by the author

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: At least two people suffered burn injuries as a result of a gas leak explosion in the provincial capital on Wednesday. A series of gas leakage explosions continue to plague Quetta, with another incident reported this morning in the West Bypass Aminabad area. Two individuals suffered burns as a result and were promptly transferred to Bolan Medical Hospital in Quetta. Both victims are currently receiving treatment in the burn ward. This marks the second such explosion in the last 24 hours, resulting in a total of 10 people being burned and injured.

Gas Leak Explosion Rampant In Quetta

Gas leak explosions appear to be rampant in the prevailing chilly weather in Quetta and other areas of Balochistan.

Despite attempts to seek a statement from the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), they have refrained from providing any official comment on the matter. This lack of communication raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

Tragically, the recurring incidents underscore the severe consequences of gas pressure reduction and load shedding in Balochistan, where citizens face life-threatening situations regularly. Despite citizen protests and intervention from gas authorities, there has been no noticeable improvement in gas pressure or reduction in load shedding.

Urgent Attention From Authorities

The alarming frequency of such incidents demands urgent attention and collaborative efforts from concerned authorities to address the root causes and implement effective measures to ensure the safety of citizens. Immediate action is crucial to prevent further loss of lives and injuries due to these hazardous gas-related incidents in Quetta and across Balochistan.


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