DC Pishin Jameel Baloch receiving an integrity icon award

Dawood Ahmed:

Islamabad: In a landmark ceremony at Islamabad, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Pishin, Jameel Baloch emerged as the epitome of integrity among five distinguished civil servants honored with the Integrity Icon Pakistan awards. The event, graced by senior diplomats, civil servants, media, and students, celebrated the unwavering commitment to public service exhibited by these exceptional individuals.

The Integrity Icon campaign, culminating its eighth year in Pakistan, saw the Accountability Lab Pakistan (ALP) sift through countless nominations for the 2023 awards. The winners, including Dr. Sanya Hameed Pasha, Dr. Shaukat Hayat, Javed Sonharo Jiskani, and Muddassir Riaz Malik, were selected by a discerning jury of professionals from civil service, academia, and civil society.

Change-Makers Within The Civil Service Spotlighted

Mr. Ali Imran, Chairman of Accountability Lab Pakistan, reiterated the organization’s mission to spotlight change-makers within the civil service. These individuals, characterized by their honesty, accessibility, and innovation, serve as beacons of inspiration for active and responsible citizenship, fostering a culture of public accountability.

Keynote speaker Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka, Director of General Research, Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS), lauded the officers posted in small towns for their integrity and transformative reforms. He commended ALP for bringing their remarkable work and honesty into the limelight and drew parallels with the nation’s revered founding father, Quaid-e-Azam, as the ultimate icon of integrity, accountability, and inclusiveness.

Mr. Peter Emil Nielsen Views It As A Catalyst For Inspiring Civil Servants

Mr. Peter Emil Nielsen, Deputy Mission Head, Embassy of Denmark in Islamabad, expressed pride in the Integrity Icon movement, viewing it as a catalyst for inspiring civil servants. Beyond individual recognition, the campaign sets a collective example, nurturing a culture of integrity and accountability within public service. DC Pishin Jameel Baloch, standing tall among the honorees, symbolizes the spirit of honesty and dedication that defines the Integrity Icon campaign in Pakistan.

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