Officials on the spot to extinguish flames of fire in the forest

Abdul Rehman Musakhail:

In a commendable display of collaboration and resilience, Deputy Commissioner Zulfiqar Karrar, along with Levies Force and residents, successfully brought under control a fierce forest fire that erupted in the mountainous region between Shirani and Musa Khel district.

Night-long Operation to Tackle the Blaze

The fire, which started last evening, prompted an immediate response from local authorities. Throughout the night, the operation continued, with Levies Force and dedicated locals battling the flames in challenging terrain. Careful strategic efforts were made to access difficult hilltops, ensuring the safety of the human population residing in the affected areas.

Caretaker Chief Minister, Ali Mardan Khan Domki Commends Rescue Efforts

Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan, Ali Mardan Khan Domki, praised the swift and effective actions of the Levies Force and local citizens. Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged their crucial role in preventing a potential catastrophe. Last year’s devastating fires served as a stark reminder of the importance of quick and coordinated responses.

Fire Control Achieved in Less than Fifteen Hours

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the response teams, the fire was brought under control in less than fifteen hours, safeguarding both human lives and valuable forests. The use of fireballs, despite challenging wind conditions, played a key role in containing the blaze.

Recognition and Awards for Deputy Commissioner Zulfiqar Karrar and Levies Team

In recognition of their exemplary service, Caretaker Chief Minister, Ali Mardan Khan Domki announced the awarding of commendation, appreciation certificates, and prizes to Deputy Commissioner Zulfiqar Karrar and the entire Levies team involved in the operation. Their dedication and courage demonstrated the effectiveness of timely actions in averting a potential disaster.

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