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QUETTA: The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with the Fisheries & Coastal Development Department and the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Government of Balochistan, orchestrated a day-long inception ceremony for the Gwadar Lasbela Livelihood Support Project Phase 2 (GLLSP-II) at BUITEMS, Quetta.

The event garnered significant participation, with over 65 stakeholders representing diverse segments of the fisheries and aquaculture value chain in Balochistan. Faiz Barech of FAO extended a warm welcome, outlining the purpose of the ceremony.

Gichki Acknowledges FAO’s Technical Assistance

Chief Guest Imran Gichki, Secretary of Fisheries & Coastal Development Department Balochistan, emphasized the importance of incorporating indigenous views in policy formulation. He acknowledged FAO’s Technical Assistance under GLLSP-II for the stakeholder consultation process, essential for the revision of the Balochistan fisheries policy and legal framework.

Florence Rolle, Country Representative FAO, expressed concern over the historical neglect of the fisheries and livestock sectors in Balochistan. She pledged full support from FAO to foster economic prosperity and livelihood improvement through the development of these crucial sectors.

FAO’s Future Plans Were Shared

Dr. Kanwar Muhammad Javed Iqbal, FAO’s Senior Policy Specialist, shared the progress and future plans for GLLSP-II Outcome-2 on policy and legal framework. He announced an upcoming provincial stakeholder consultation workshop scheduled for January 2024 in Gwadar.

Rizwan Hayat Khan, FAO’s Project Manager for GLLSP-II, highlighted the project’s objectives, milestones, and the Training of Trainers program for climate-resilient agriculture and livestock.

Lehri Underscored Untapped Potential Of Livestock And Fisheries

Muhammad Tayyab Lehri, Secretary Livestock Balochistan, underscored the untapped potential of livestock and fisheries, stressing the need for capacity building, skill development, and value addition for local consumption and export.

Saifullah Zehri, Coordinator of PMU for GLLSP-II, provided an overview of the project’s scope and the collaborative efforts of project partners. Representatives from fisherfolk, female groups, private sector, and civil society, along with faculty members of Lasbela University, shared their perspectives during the ceremony.

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