Officials sealing stone-crushing plants in the Western Bypass area of Quetta: Photo taken from the X account of Commissioner Quetta

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: In response to a compelling report from Daily Quetta Voice, the government has taken decisive measures to address environmental concerns by sealing seven stone-crushing plants in the region. The report highlighted the detrimental impact of these operations on the local environment, prompting swift action from authorities. “Yes, we have sealed 7 stone-crushing plants”, the Commissioner Quetta Division, Hamza Shafqaat told this scribe.

The Commissioner, however, explained that the administration did not seal four stone-crushing plants because of some legal issues.

Authorities Aim To Mitigate The Adverse Effects Of Crushing Plants

The move comes as part of the government’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. By closing down these stone-crushing plants, the authorities aim to mitigate the adverse effects on air and water quality, as well as protect the overall well-being of the community.

Quetta Voice’s Report Prompted The Authorities

This proactive response underscores the importance of citizen journalism and the role it plays in holding industries accountable for their environmental footprint. Quetta Voice’s report served as a catalyst for immediate governmental intervention, showcasing the power of community-driven advocacy in shaping policy decisions.

The closure of these plants aligns with the government’s broader agenda to promote responsible industrial practices. Officials have also signaled a commitment to implementing stricter regulations and monitoring mechanisms to prevent similar environmental hazards in the future.

Such Instances Emphasize The Critical Role Of Media

The collaborative efforts between the government and grassroots initiatives like Quetta Voice highlight the significance of public awareness and engagement in fostering positive change. As the authorities work towards enhancing environmental sustainability, such instances emphasize the critical role that media and citizen reporting play in driving policy adjustments for the greater good of the community.

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