File Photo: A police vehicle reached the spot after the blast on Mecongi Road Quetta: Photo taken from social media

Ali Jan Mangi:

NASEERABAD: In a targeted attack, a police mobile vehicle came under fire in the Manjo Shori area of Naseerabad. Sources report that four brave policemen inside the vehicle emerged unscathed despite the assailants’ attempt to inflict harm.

According to police accounts, unidentified terrorists hurled a hand grenade at the police mobile van, resulting in partial damage to the vehicle. Miraculously, all officers on board narrowly escaped the attack with no injuries.

The Attackers Fled The Scene

The attackers swiftly fled the scene, evading immediate capture. Responding to the incident, a significant police presence descended upon the area, intensifying efforts to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the assault. In the aftermath of the attack, security measures were heightened in the surrounding area to safeguard against any potential further threats.

The Attack Underscores The Challenge Faced By Police In The Area

This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement, highlighting the need for continued vigilance and robust security measures to protect both officers and the communities they serve. Authorities remain committed to pursuing those responsible for this act of violence and ensuring the safety of the public.

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