File Photo: Afghan women, children leaving for Afghanistan at Pak-Afghan border Chaman on Tuesday: Photo Syed Sardar Muhammad Khondai

Sardar Muhammad Khondai:

QUETTA: The operation to repatriate foreign immigrants detained in Quetta continues, with the Chaman holding camp serving as a key center for deportation. Deputy Commissioner of Chaman, Raja Athar Abbas, reported that more than 61,000 Afghan citizens have been returned to their home country through the Pak-Afghan border.

This concerted effort aims to address the issue of illegal immigration, extending its reach throughout the province. The government has launched a countrywide crackdown against illegal immigrants from November 1st.

Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Quetta

As part of this operation, authorities have arrested a significant number of illegal immigrants across various divisions of Quetta. Specifically, 620 individuals were detained in Quetta, 116 in the City Division, 62 in the Quaidabad Division, 323 in the Sadar Division, and 119 in the Saryab Division. These individuals, who were foreign immigrants, were subsequently transferred to the Chaman holding camp for deportation to Afghanistan.

Deputy Commissioner Raja Athar Abbas emphasized that the Pak-Afghan border remains open for the deportation of foreigners until midnight each day.

Chaman Holding Camp Serves Crucial Place

This ongoing operation seeks to address the issue of illegal immigration, ensuring the return of those who have been residing in Pakistan without the proper documentation. The cooperation between the authorities and the Chaman holding camp serves as a crucial step towards managing this situation effectively.

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