Protest in Chaman against new conditions introduced by government at Pak-Afghan border Chaman: Photo provided by the author

Sardar Muhammad Khondai:

CHAMAN: Political parties and traders’ community staged a joint protest demonstration to mount pressure on the government to address their grievances at the Pak-Afghan border in Chaman on Saturday. The protesters blocked the main road at the border and demanded that the provincial and federal governments address their grievances.

All the political parties of Chaman, Jamiat Ulema Islam, Balochistan Awami Party, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Mazloom Olsi Tehreek, Pakistan Muslim League-Q and other civil organizations, social organizations and other people participated in the sit-in in large numbers.

The protesters demanded an end to all conditions for the movement at the border including passports. They said people living on both sides of the border were facing problems because of recent conditions introduced by the government.

The protesters stated the movement of the people is the only means of employment whose closure or strict conditions will never be tolerated by the people because the people of Chaman and the people of Boldak.

People are not able to accept the measures like imposing conditions against it and tightening the traffic of traders and travelers and we will continue the sit-in until our demands are met.

The participants further said that we demand that the Pak-Afghan border be opened back to the old system at the place of friendship so that the people, traders, and travelers can be saved from difficulties.

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