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In a groundbreaking move, the Balochistan Government has launched an initiative to put an end to official drugs” sales within the province. The health department, for the first time in the province’s history, has introduced distinctive green medicine boxes to combat the private sale of official drugs.

Fighting Malpractice and Corruption

As of now, the health department has succeeded in placing 58 out of 218 total items into these green boxes. This achievement is no small feat, especially considering the new forms of malpractice and corruption that have taken root in the province and across the country.

A Stark Reality

However, a bitter reality persists, as ordinary citizens continue to struggle with a lack of access to official drugs, even within government-run hospitals. The irony lies in the fact that these hospitals often face chronic shortages of essential medications throughout the year. Last year, the provincial health department encountered insurmountable obstacles in procuring medicines worth billions of rupees, primarily due to bureaucratic red tape and a lack of political commitment.

Allocating Resources

Despite the financial constraints, the provincial government allocates a substantial budget of Rs. 6 billion, along with more than 70 crore rupees for the purchase of medicines in Balochistan. Nevertheless, the general populace remains deprived of these essential medications, with doctors frequently directing them to favored medical store owners.

A Beacon of Change

Secretary of Health Balochistan, Asfandyar Khan, deserves commendation for championing the introduction of green medicine boxes and initiating numerous projects to enhance healthcare services for the masses. However, his path is riddled with obstacles, including elements within the health department who are working against the interests of the common man. Complicity within the political system and pharmaceutical companies further compounds the difficulties faced by the average citizen in obtaining official medicines.

Urgent Call to Action

The crux of the matter is this: it is imperative that the government moves beyond rhetoric and takes concrete steps to ensure the implementation of these vital reforms. Only through such concerted efforts can Balochistan hope to provide its citizens with better access to essential medications and improve the overall healthcare landscape in the region.

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