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In a fervent display of discontent, female students at Sardar Bahadur Khan (SBK) Women’s University in Quetta took to the streets in protest against the recent fee increases imposed by the university administration. The demonstration, marked by passionate slogans and unified voices, led to the suspension of all classes, highlighting the gravity of the situation. Allegations of intimidation tactics by the administration to quell the protest further fueled the students’ determination to be heard.

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, a reputed institution for female education in Quetta, is currently at the center of controversy as its female students have risen in protest against substantial fee hikes.

Fee Increases Across the Board

According to the students, the university has implemented semester-wise fee hikes across all classes, ranging from 8 thousand to a staggering 17 thousand rupees. This drastic escalation in educational costs has left many students and their families grappling with financial burdens.

Admission Fees Surge

Adding to their grievances, the students claim that the university administration has increased the admission fee from 30 thousand to 40 thousand rupees. This sharp rise has posed a significant obstacle for aspiring students who wish to gain entry into the institution.

VC SBK contradicts media reporters

Dr. Sajida Noreen, the Vice Chancellor of the SBK said the issue was resolved amicably. She said students’ grievances redressal committee heard the protesting students and their concern was addressed. However, 20 students who were expelled from the university earlier were also part of the protest.

Student Outcry and Campus Disruption:

In a unified voice, the female students expressed their frustration with the administration’s decision, chanting slogans against the fee hikes and demanding transparency in the university’s financial decisions. The protest was so intense that all classes were suspended, causing disruption to the normal academic activities on campus.

Allegations of Intimidation

Shockingly, the students also alleged that the university administration resorted to threats in an attempt to quash the protest. Such allegations have raised concerns about the administration’s approach to student grievances and freedom of expression within the institution.

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