File photo: Shops and markets closed in Quetta on the eve of shutter down strike against the murder of Allah Dad Tareen: Photo Quetta Voice

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QUETTA: Balochistan, Pakistan, witnessed a peaceful shutter-down strike in response to the tragic Mastung bombing, with various regions of the province united in mourning and demanding justice for the victims. The call for the strike came from religious organizations, including Sunni Tehrik, following the devastating incident that claimed the lives of 60 individuals and left dozens injured.

          Strike in Multiple Locations:

The shutter-down strike resonated across the province, affecting areas such as Mastung, Kharan, Kalat, and several others. In Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, the strike was partially observed, with citizens joining the call to condemn the heinous attack.

           Demand for Justice:

Religious parties leading the strike have vehemently called upon both provincial and federal governments to swiftly                apprehend those responsible for the deadly blast.

           Robust Security Measures:

To maintain law and order during the strike, the provincial government implemented stringent security measures. This            included the deployment of law enforcement personnel, including police, levies, and frontier corps, in sensitive areas            throughout Balochistan. The primary goal was to ensure peace and security during the strike.

           Peaceful Outcome:

Despite the tense atmosphere, the strike remained peaceful, and there were no reports of untoward incidents from               any part of Balochistan. The collective expression of grief and solidarity serves as a powerful reminder of the                         community’s resilience and determination to see justice served for the victims of the Mastung carnage.




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