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QUETTA: In a heart-wrenching account, Saifullah Baloch, a survivor of the devastating Mastung blast that claimed 55 lives on the day marking Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth anniversary, shared his traumatic experience. As he recounted the horrific ordeal, his voice trembled, tears streaming down his face.

The tragedy unfolded when a suicide bomber detonated himself amidst a religious procession at Madni Chowk in Mastung. Saifullah Baloch vividly remembered the moment when the gathering was shattered by a deafening explosion. He lost close relatives and dear friends in the gruesome attack.

The injured were covered with blood

“The injured were covered in blood, their cries for help echoing in the chaos,” he said, his words carrying the weight of the immense suffering he witnessed that fateful day.

Outside the trauma center at the civil hospital in Quetta, Abdullah, a grief-stricken father, anxiously awaited news about his seriously injured son.
The broken father was unable to answer any question 

Overwhelmed by emotion, he could only muster a plea for prayers, unable to answer any further questions.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the devastating consequences of acts of violence and terrorism. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families affected by this heartrending event.

Grief and Anger

Grief and anger among the survivors and the heirs of the victims. They lashed out at the government for what they claimed its failure to protect the lives of the people. “What is this, where are our rulers”, a grief stricken mother laments. She had lost her son in the deadly bombing.

Dozens of broken heirs were waiting outside the trauma Center of the civil hospital Quetta to get information about the condition of their loved ones. 51 injured of the deadly bombing attack were brought to the trauma Center.

Mastung a sensitive district

Balochistan’s Mastung district us considered to be one the most sensitive districts of Balochistan. Militants have repeatedly targeted law enforcement agencies and pro government politicians in the area. The minority shia Hazaras have also been targeted in the district.

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