Balochistan: Ancient revenue record in deplorable condition
A view of the deplorable condition of revenue record in district Sibi: Photo taken from the x account of Amjad Rasheed

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: Images of ancient revenue records and history shared on social media paint an abysmal picture of the Balochistan Revenue Department’s performance. Ancient revenue records, judgments of historic Sibi jirga, records of the Kalat State, and old gazzater are packed in cloth bags and kept in the revenue office Sibi.

Dust-covered bags without any specific dates and numbers are lying on the ground. The newly appointed caretaker revenue minister of Balochistan, Amjad Rasheed took to social media network X and lamented about the abysmal condition of revenue record.

Revenue record in Sibi

“Priceless documents in deplorable condition”, Amjad Rasheed

“Priceless documents of our history”, the minister said and vowed to restore the record to its original shape and ensure the protection of the ancient record. This is the first time that someone in the government has taken notice and focused on preserving ancient records and history.

“Deplorable condition of our history and revenue record”, the minister said. This prompted the caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan, Ali Mardan Domki to take notice of the deplorable condition of the revenue record.

Mr. Domki directed the revenue department to preserve the ancient record and submit a report in this regard.

A view of revenue office Sibi: Photo provided by Amjad Rasheed

All revenue departments paint the same bleak picture

This is not only the Sibi office, the revenue department’s offices across Balochistan paint the same bleak picture when it comes to revenue records and history. Nevertheless, the Revenue Department officials hold the government responsible in this regard. “Who can protect these heavy bags full of ancient history, we cannot complete our routine work”, a senior revenue officer told Daily Quetta Voice. He requested anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on this issue.

However, citizens are critical of the revenue department and level serious allegations against them. “It is very easy for the revenue staff to mint money right under the nose of the high-ups, but here they blame the government”, Muhammad Iqbal, a young man claimed. He demanded that the government take action against the responsible revenue staff for this deplorable condition of the revenue record.

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