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The Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) has announced the schedule of written examinations for candidates testing their muscles for the Provincial Competitive Service (PCS) exam. The BPSC in a statement shared with media announced August 17th as the fresh date for the PCS examination. Although, this was expected in November or December this year.

This has severely affected the routine and studies of over 23,000 students making tooth and nail efforts for the competitive examination. The same number of candidates are scheduled to participate in the special CSS examination in October this year.

90% of candidates oppose the BPSC PCS schedule

This Daily conducted a poll where more than 90 percent of students opposed the new schedule announced by BPSC because of the upcoming CSS examination. Most of the students objected to the new schedule and expressed their reservations.

In their comments on our social media networks and calls to this Daily, the majority of the students argued that it was not possible for them to take theĀ  PCS exam prior to the CSS special. They mentioned that they will be having only one month to prepare for the lengthy CSS exam for preparations. The scheduled exam of PCS is likely to end by September 10.

The CSS Yatra is not an easy journey

The CSS yatra is not easy since it needs a focused approach, extensive studies, thorough knowledge, and an understanding of regional, national, and global issues to win the race. The committed candidates were passing sleepless nights when the BPSC abruptly announced the fresh schedule. Now the candidates are in a dilemma of whether to prepare for the PCS or the CSS special examinations.

To be precise, the BPSC has to review its decision and extend the date of examination as requested by the Balochistan Assembly and the desire of the aspirants candidates.

Undoubtedly, the present BPSC deserves appreciation for upholding the banner of merit and transparency in the prevailing troubled times. The Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly has already written a letter to the Chairman of BPSC and the students have been calling for November to be the fresh date. Therefore, the BPSC needs to review its announced schedule keeping in view the grievances of the candidates.

Courtesy: Daily Quetta Voice on behalf of the majority of the aspiring candidatesĀ 


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