Ceasefire announced in Wadh for indefinite period: Lashkari Raisani
Dua being offered after ceasefire was agreed in Wadh, Khuzdar.

Abdul Wahid Baloch

KHUZDAR: Both warring groups have agreed to announce an indefinite ceasefire after reconciliatory efforts by Chief of Sarawan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani. This was revealed by Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani while talking to reporters on Saturday.

He said both groups agreed to end the firing on appeals made by the Chief of Sarawan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani. Nawab Raisani and his Jirga members spent two days in the tense Wadh town of Khuzdar to pave the way for a negotiated settlement of the issue.

He held detailed meetings with Sardar Asad Mengal and Mir Shafiq Mengal and urged them to exercise restraint and avoid bloodshed.

The tense situation and the use of heavy weapons by both groups caused the suspension of traffic between Quetta and Karachi. The stranded passengers heaved a sigh of relief after the ceasefire was announced,

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