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The future is all about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI has the potential to significantly impact education and transform the learning experience for students across the globe.

AI-powered tutoring systems can provide interactive and adaptive support to students. These systems can assess students’ knowledge, identify areas of weakness, and offer targeted guidance and resources to help them improve.

Experts say the AI has so far taken mere baby steps. Still a lot needs to be done. The AI is going to dominate education, politics, economy etc. in the future.

No word of AI in the Balochistan Budget

Despite its need and importance, the Balochistan government has not allocated a single penny for the AI in its financial budget for the year 2023-24. The provincial government allocated more than Rs.100 billions for primary, middle and higher education sector. The finance minister Balochistan, Zamarak Achakzai did not utter a single word about the AI.

Besides AI, the government has not focused on the looming threat of climate change. Balochistan, the country’s areawise largest province is prone to all natural disasters because of its vulnerability to the global warming and climate change.

Rs. 71 crore allocated for Climate Change and more than Rs.73 billions for C&W department

The government allocated Rs.71 crore rupees to tackle the climate change, whereas, more than 73 billion rupees were allocated for the communication and works department. The department is known for chronic corruption and most of the amount is likely to go into some narrow pockets.

Promotion of AI education provides an opportunity to our students to compete on national and international levels. Its promotion can open new vistas of opportunities for our students.

However, investment in the climate change department is extremely necessary in view of the province’s vulnerability to the global warming. Devastating floods last year played havoc across Balochistan and life was completely paralyzed for a month.

The provincial government needs to change its priorities when it comes to AI and climate change since the former offers opportunities and the latter poses a serious threat to human life.

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