Sardar Niamatullah Khan announced parting ways with the former ruling party the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI)

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A local leader of the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) Balochistan, Sardar Niamatullah Khan parted his ways with the party. Addressing a press conference at Quetta Press Club on Thursday evening, Mr. Khan said May 9th incidents forced him to quit the former ruling party.

Rioters inflict damages to national assets

Other tribal elders who were also part of the former ruling party also parted their ways with the PTI. “Intoeralbe, we strongly condemn such incidents against the State and State institutions”, Sardar Niamatullah Khan said. He said under a pre-planned conspiracy, the rioters associated with the PTI stormed the Jinnah House and the GHQ to malign the country in and outside.

Elements behind May 9th incidents should be brought to justice: Niamatullah Khan

“This is why, we have decided to quit the party”, he mentioned. He demanded of the federal government to take effective action against the elements involved in the May 9th arson and damages activities. In Balochistan, the provnicial minister for industries Mobeen Khilji has already resigned from the former ruling party i.e. PTI because of its involvmenet in the May 9th untoward incidents. Police have already booked the former deputy speaker national assembly Qasam Suri and other leaders for inciting people against state institutions

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