Corruption in Gwadar municipality to be eradicated: Maulana Hidayat
HDT Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman being received by employees of Gwadar municipal corporation: Photo provided by author

Behram Baloch:


Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch, the head of the Haq Do Tehreek (HDT) Balochistan, visited Gwadar Municipal Committee and Mullah Fazil Chowk for the first time after his release. The Chairman Municipal Committee announced an increase of Rs.3000 for daily wages workers.

Municipality will eliminate corruption in Gwadar and spend the resources on the people. Measures to eliminate corruption and reduce costs have been started, the Maulana said.

Maulana vows to eliminate corruption

Municipal Chairman Muhammad Sharif Miah Dad, Acting Vice Chairman Akram Fida and councilors warmly welcomed him and showered him with flowers. Haq Do Tehreek Chairman Wajah Hussain Wadela, Spokesperson Hafeez Kiazai, Deputy Organizer Babar Shehzad and other officials were also present on this occasion.

Maulana Hidayatur Rahman Baloch visited different sections of Gwadar municipality and met the municipality employees individually and informed them about their situation. In his visit, Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman Baloch, on behalf of Municipal Committee Chairman Sharif Miandad, announced an increase of Rs. 3000.

Resources will be spent on people

He said in his speech that while defending the mandate of the people of Gwadar, the available resources will be spent on the people, corruption will be eradicated and wasteful expenditure will be avoided. We are ready to face this kind of challenge. All over the world local government is responsible for cleanliness of the city, elimination and prevention of encroachments but here the municipal committee has been a bastion of corruption and has the status of treasury and zakat office. Our team will spend the available resources in a systematic manner for the welfare of the people, he said.

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