File Photo of Saeed Hashmi, the patron-in-chief Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)

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QUETTA: The founder of the ruling Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi has said that the events of May 9 have caused irreparable damage to the country and the nation. The perpetrators of attacks on national installations must be brought to justice at any cost.

Talking to reporters on Wednesday, the senior politician said that Imran khan has polluted the mindset of the public, especially the youth of the country, what happened on the 9th may have never ever happened in the past this act has fulfilled the wishes of our external enemies.

Masses of Balochistan shown maturity: Hashmi

Senator Hashmi said that the public in Balochistan has once again shown political maturity by not supporting PTI and Imran Khan but today we are forced to ask whether the crime of Nawab Akbar Bugti was more than Imran Khan? .

He said that the fight for the throne of Lahore has proved that there is no importance for either the people of Balochistan or their issues. He said that the events of 9 May were one of the worst moments in the country’s history where the memorials of martyrs and ghazis were damaged.

Imran Khan is not a political leader: Hashmi claims

The situation the country is going through today is the fault of the politicians, intellectuals, and civil society for not realizing and acting against such a dangerous and big campaign against the state and institutions in a timely manner.

Senator Saeed Hashmi said that Imran Khan has proved that he is not a political leader but an egoistic person who poisoned the minds of youth and masses against the institutions of his own country and caused irreparable damage to the nation and the country. He expressed that no concession would be made to those who harmed the country’s ideology, if it were done, it would be criminal negligence.

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