File Photo: Scores of people gathered outside a coal mine where 2 miners were trapped in Dukki: Photo provided by the author

Hussain Zarkoon:


Two trapped coal miners inside a coal mine in Balochistan’s Dukki district are yet to be recovered. Almost 35 hours passed, and the rescue workers are still clueless about the trapped miners, Maqsood Ahmed, the Inspector of Mines said.

At least two coal miners were trapped inside a coal mine in the coal mines area of Dukki when the mine was abruptly filled with rainy water. Some coal miners managed to come out of the mine. However, two coal miners have been missing and trapped for the last more than 35 hours, Maqsood Ahmed narrated.

Coal miners were extracting coal

The coal miners were extracting coal from deep inside the mine when it (mine) was suddenly filled with rain water. Fellow coal miners and people of the area rushed towards the spot to recover the miners.

“Our rescue team is engaged for the recovery of the trapped miners”, Maqsood Ahmed informed. He said efforts were being made to ensure the unhurt recovery of the trapped coal miners.

FC personnel reached in the beginning

Initially, personnel of the frontier corps reached the spot of the incident. However, they were unable to recover the miners.

“We demand an investigation into this incident”, Peer Muhammad Kakar, the central leader of the mines association said. Mr. Kakar said there were no proper safety conditions inside the coal mines of Balochistan and this was the underlying reason behind such incidents.

Worst working conditions inside coal mines of Balochistan

Hazardous working conditions inside coal mines of Balochistan have claimed scores of precious human lives. Especially, working conditions for coal miners in the Dukki mine area are miserable.

“They are just collecting the money at the cost of poor miners”, Peer Muhammad Kakar said. He demanded the registration of an FIR against the contractors and coal mines owners involved in the incident.

All should be brought to justice, he said.

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