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A local court convicted the police eagle squad personnel to a death sentence and three to life imprisonment in the murder case of Faizan Jattak. The young man Faizan Jattak was killed by the accused on Quetta’s Sariab Road on May 6, 2021.

The Additional Sessions Judge-1 Sariab Division, Mr. Aurangzeb Ghuman announced the verdict on Saturday evening.

Accused Sulaiman awarded death penalty

Delivering the verdict, the court awarded the death penalty to the Eagle Squad official accused Sulaiman, while the other 3 accused Arsalan, Zahir Azam Khan and Hamid were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court convicted the accused under section 324 Even if proven, five years of imprisonment and a fine of fifty thousand rupees, while under section 302 of the BC, a fine of five lakh rupees has been announced.

Faizan Jattak was killed on May 6, 2021,

On behalf of the government, DPP Bahram Lashari Advocate followed the case. According to the prosecution, Eagle Squad personnel Sulaiman, Arsalan, Zahir Azam Khan, and Hamid killed a youth named Faizan Jatak on May 6, 2021, in Sariab Road Quetta area by shooting at a vehicle.

Sariab police station had registered a case under provisions 302, 324 of the Civil Code and 318, 34 of the Penal Code and submitted the challan to the court.

The killing of the young man had sparked protests in Quetta and the angry protesters demanded an exemplary punishment to the accused.

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