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Angioplasty and angiography machines are out of order in Balochistan’s largest government-run hospital for the last more than two years. The costly machines installed at the Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) hospital are out of order, an official of the health department told Daily Quetta Voice.

Patients remained the worst sufferers because they (patients) are forced to spend money in private hospitals and clinics. “We are forced to do angioplasty in private hospitals”, Abdul Qadeer, an aged patient lamented. He said the hospital administration was least bothered about the sufferings of the patients and attendants.

MS BMC says the matter was brought into the notice of high-ups

However, the Medical Superintendent of the BMC, Dr. Fareed Sumalani said that the matter was brought to the notice of the high-ups. “Very soon, the machines would be made functional”, Dr. Sumalani who took over the charge of MS BMC informed. The MS said that the company responsible for the repair of the costly machines was not repairing the machines because of increasing rates of dollar.

Balochistan health minister had accused doctors for making machines out of order

This news has come a few days after the Balochistan health minister, Syed Ehsan Shah accused some doctors and paramedics of deliberately making machines out of order.
“There is an allegation on doctors”, Mr. Shah told the daily Quetta Voice.

Doctors reject minister’s statement

However, the doctors rejected the minister’s statement and termed the hospital administration responsible for this. “Who appoints the medical superintendent of the hospital”, Syed Zahoor Shah, a senior doctor at the BMC said. He said it was the government, which was responsible for all this.

“Strange, this machine is out of order for the last more than two years”, Fareedullah, an attendant with a patient lamented. He said he was forced pay more than one lakh rupees in private hospitals to conduct angiography of his ailing father.

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