File Photo: The accused in the custody of Kohlu levies: Photo provided by Yousaf Marri

Riaz Baloch:


Levies force recovered three hostages and arrested three kidnappers during an operation in Balochistan’s Dalbandin area on Saturday.

Levies sources said three kidnappers were arrested during the operation conducted on the Pak-Iran highway. One kidnapper was also injured when levies opened fire to free the hostages.

The kidnappers stopped an Iranian pick-up vehicle on the Pakistan-Iran RCD highway and kidnapped the driver, conductor, and a young child along with the vehicle at gunpoint.

The robbers saw the force’s vehicle and started firing. The Levies force surrounded the three kidnappers and started firing. Three kidnappers were identified as Naseer Ahmed, and Hamid Gul, and Arif was arrested in an injured condition.

Levies force recovered the vehicle, driver, calendar and the young child. They were unharmed in the attack.

A number of modern weapons and the stolen vehicle used in the incident are also in possession. According to Lelia Levis’s sources, the suspects were already wanted by the Levis Force in various cases.

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