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In the Balochistan Textbook Board, along with administrative incompetence, financial corruption has also been revealed, and the pages and lessons of the books of different subjects have been reduced, sources in the Balochistan Textbook Board said.

Each book is printed in millions and only ten pages If reduced, there is a difference of crores of pages which benefits the publisher and contractor while the Government of Balochistan pays the entire payment.

“There was only a mistake in the sequence of pages”, Secretary of Education Balochistan

However, the officials say that there was only a mistake in the sequence of the pages. “I have directed the concerned authorities to correct this”, Rauf Baloch, the Secretary of Education Balochistan said. “I have called the officials of the textbook board tomorrow to my office”, he said.

It should be noted that every relevant firm that takes the contract for the publication of books cannot reduce even a single page of its own accord, nor can it reduce or increase the size of the paper, but this year, three lessons from the Urdu book of Class V in the government schools of Balochistan have been taken out without any approval.

The volume of the book, which was 160 pages in 2022, has been reduced this year and has remained at 144 pages

The volume of the book, which was 160 pages in 2022, has been reduced this year and has remained at 144 pages, while according to the sources mentioned above, the approval of removing three copies and reducing 16 pages has not been taken from any relevant forum.

Only contractors and publishers can benefit from this act. It has been revealed that millions of pages have been reduced in one article of only one party, while the fear is that the volume of paper in the books of other parties and other subjects is also reduced.

In terms of the number of pages, color and black and white as well as the size of the title cover, the firm has benefited by crores of rupees from the government treasury and to hide the same issues, the Balochistan Textbook Board has used delay tactics in the publication and delivery of books.

The public has demanded that a special committee should be formed and sent to different schools to find out the number of books distributed among the children and also check the volume and quality of the books and compare it with the advertised tender.

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