File Photo of women staging a protest demonstration for the release of Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman

Behram Baloch:



A large number of women took to the streets and roads in Gwadar against the continued arrest of the Haq Do Tehrik Chief, Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman on Sunday. Jamaat e Islami (JI) Senator Mushtaq Ahmed, Hussain Wadela, former Balochistan caretaker minister, Mir Naveed Kalmati and other leaders led the burqa-clad women supporters of the Maulana in the country’s port city.

Police had arrested Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman on January 13 this year for what police claimed damaging public and private properties during protest demonstrations in Gwadar. The charge was vehemently denied by Maulana and his supporters.

The participants of the rally marched through various roads of Gwadar and chanted full-throated slogans against the provincial and federal governments. The protesters were demanding the release of Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman.

The administration had taken strict security measures to avoid the occurrence of any untoward incident on the eve of the protest by the Haq Do Tehrik in Gwadar. The is for the second time that the port city has witnessed such a massive rally by women in the support of the Haq Do Tehrik Chief Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman.

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