File Photo of Saeed Hashmi, the patron-in-chief Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)

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Balochistan Awami Party Founder Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi has said that Pakistan is facing serious economic, political and social problems. Politics of personal gains and plundering of development funds have always given space to institutions to interfere in politics and violate the constitution.

In a statement issued here, the senior politician said that democracy in the country is very weak and the prime responsibility for the issues the country is facing goes to the political elite which has never focused on public issues. Instead, they have promoted personal agendas and interests in politics.
He said that presently the situation through which the country is undergoing cannot be averted by blaming and maligning each other. It is only through a strong, empowered, and dignified parliament that the state institutions can be made to perform their duties according to the constitution, respect public opinion and solve economic and political problems, He added.

Senator Hashmi further said The political leadership should learn from the mistakes of the past and promote the political vision and thinking of restoring a dignified parliament in the wider interest of the country and people so that the strong decision-making power of the state and the restoration of the dignity and respect of the parliament members can be made possible.

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