Editorial: In a humiliating way, four vice-chancellors of public universities in Balochistan were removed by the Governor/Chancellor the other day. Although, violations of laws and rules are nothing new in Balochistan, the country's least-developed but resource-rich province. Without any inquiry or investigation, the VCs of the University of Balochistan, Balochistan Univesity of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Loralai University, and Lasbella Science and Marines University were removed from their positions. The sources within the Balochistan government cited the expiry of the tenure of the two VCs as the main reason behind the removal. However, the two VCs' tenure was scheduled to be expired in September and October this year. What was the reason behind this haste? The answer is simple. We are still alien to rules and regulations and consider our mighty official, political and social positions above the law. As per the Balochistan Universities Act 2022, the government can initiate an investigation against any VC in the case of corruption/moral corruption or illegal use of power. The government can only remove the said VC if allegations are proven against him. The Act clearly says that the VC has to be given the opportunity to defend himself against any allegations. Whereas, Governor Malik Abdul Wali Kakar removed all with a stroke of a pen without any investigation. Undoubtedly, there have to be no prolonged tenures of the VCs like Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bazai remained the VC for 17 years of the BUITEMS. He had to be changed. We have only an objection over the humiliating way, he was removed. There had to be a dignified and respectable way for the removal of VC who is also a teacher. No word from the government or Governor's house about the fate of VC Sardar Bahadur Khan (SBK) Women's University. There were repeated allegations against the VC SBK. Nevertheless, the VC SBK managed to meet the Governor and brief him about her university. The SBK has also been given the task to recruit 9000 teachers. Repeated complaints came about in the process of recruitment by the SBK and gives more answers than questions.
File Photo: Governor Balochistan, Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha posing for a photograph with VC and students of BUITEMS: Photo provided by Governor's House

Syed Muhammad Yaseen: 

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved 5,000 scholarships for Balochistan and Ex-FATA. Students of Balochistan and Ex-FATA can apply for scholarships by ECNEC in various fields like medicine, engineering, and law, etc.

Rs: 88B for flood rehabilitation and reconstruction:
2022 flash floods have drowned most of Balochistan leaving human and material loss on large scale. The ECNEC meeting also decided to provide Rupees 88 billion for the rehabilitation of floods affectees. This amount would also be used for the reconstruction of houses in the flood-affected areas of the province.

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Ten Thousand Internships for Balochistan:
The project also consists of 10,000 internships for the students of Balochistan. Students graduating from various fields can be part of this internship program.

Laptop Scheme also included in the project:
The recent project also includes a segment of providing 1 lac laptops to the committed and topper students of Balochistan and Ex-FATA. According to sources inside ECNEC, the students of Balochistan will get a share of 20,000 laptops.

These were the outstanding demands of students from Balochistan and FATA to come at par with students from the rest of the country. The Balochistan government has welcomed the decision made by the ECNEC and termed it a positive stride towards ending the sense of deprivation among the students of Balochistan.

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