Pashtoon resources and identity to be defended in country: Khushal Kakar

Staff Reporter:

The newly elected chairman of his own faction of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), Khushal Khan Kakar on Wednesday vowed to defend Pashtoon identity and resources through political and democratic struggle. Mr. Kakar addressed the first public gathering of PKMAP in Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan. Other leaders of PKMAP also addressed the public gathering.

Khushal Kakar said Pakistan was facing a host of issues and the democratic struggle was the only answer to all ills of the country. “We are striving for an inclusive Pakistan”, he said. He said the masses were skeptical about all institutions including the media, which was not what he claimed independently.

The PKMAP leader said people of Swat and other Pashtoon-dominated areas of the country have suffered the worst. He said all political parties must join their hands to support the masses and reject terrorism in all shapes. Khushal Kakar stated that rulers should revisit their policies with regard to Pashtoons and other oppressed nationalities in the country.

He recalled the catastrophic incident of the army public school where school children were brutally murdered. He said a national action plan was framed in consultation with all political parties. Although, he claimed that no effective steps were taken against the menace of terrorism and extremism in the country.

He said the PKMAP would make no compromise over the rights of all nationalities including Pashtoon. He said the ongoing democratic struggle against injustice in Pashtoon would be continued throughout the country.

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