Rule of law guarantees good governance: Naseebullah Bazai

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Good governance can be guaranteed through rule of law and decisions based on merit, Naseebullah Khan Bazai the former Additional Chief Secretary (Dev), Planning and Development Department Government of Balochistan stated while talking to media at his residence in Nuhsar on Sunday.

Mr. Bazai said that Balochistan is blessed with natural resources. Security, skilled workers, and a conducive environment were inevitable for persuading foreign investors to invest in minerals, fisheries, livestock, and other sectors of the province, he added.

Natural calamities could be coped with zeal and determination

He said natural calamities could be coped with zeal and determination besides benefiting from modern types of equipment. While serving as Deputy Commissioner of Naseerabad, more than 700,000 people were provided relief during the flood that wreaked havoc in Naseerabad in 2010, Mr. Bazai mentioned.

“Tribal enmities were impediments in the way of development in Balochistan”, Naseeb Ullah Bazai said. If each member of the society accepts his mistake, tribal disputes could amicably be resolved through Jirga (tribal council).

Balochistan deprived of gas and electricity: Naseeb Ullah Bazai

While expressing his views Mr. Bazai stated that article 158 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan-1973 provides, “The province in which a well-head of natural gas is situated shall have precedence over other parts of Pakistan in meeting the requirements from the well-head”, but, he regretted that many areas of Balochistan were still deprived of the facilities of gas and electricity, therefore, he added that federal government and establishment ought to have found an amicable solution to the problems of Balochistan.

Electing honest leadership, posting /transferring on merit, and utilizing natural resources for the good of the people could alter the lot of Balochistan. He said that the pace of development could be expedited by providing the facilities of health, education, and pure drinking water to the people at the Tehsil and district levels of the province.

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