Abdul Rehman Musakhail:

Crimes Branch Police Balochistan arrested an accused involved in the murder and rape of a minor girl in the Musakhail district on Wednesday. The accused had raped and then murdered a four-year-old minor girl in the Musakhail district of Balochistan in June 2022. 

“The accused has confessed to committing this crime”, a senior police officer told Daily Quetta Voice via telephone. The father of the victim had filed a case in connection with the murder of the minor girl at Musakhail police station.

Balochistan Police Chief, Abdul Khaliq Sheikh had directed the Crimes Branch police to investigate the case and bring the killer to book. The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Wazir Khan Nasar constituted a team, which ensured the arrest of the culprit involved in the tragic incident.

An accused, Nasrullah, son of Sher Jan tribe Musa Khel, resident of Musa Khel, was arrested in Qadama, he told in the preliminary investigation that he sexually assaulted the girl and after torturing her, strangled her to death and threw the body on the hill. During the investigation, the accused marked the scene of the incident and the place where the body of the girl was thrown. Further investigation of the accused is going on, police officials concluded.

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