CCP fines PKR 70 billion on various companies under different charges

Syed Kaleem Shah:

The Chairperson of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), Mrs. Rahat Konain Hassan has said that the commission has fined rupees 70 billion on various companies under charges of price fixing, counterfeiting of food products, misuse of leverage and other charges. She expressed these thoughts while addressing the participants of the Agahi session held with the officials and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Quetta Baluchistan on Tuesday.

The Chairperson said that, we are not against profit and businesses, but no compromise will be made on fraud and consumer rights. As an economic regulatory body, we are struggling to maintain the trend of competition between businesses, she added.

Balochistan is the most important province for the economy of the country, the suggestions of the business community of Balochistan are important for us to eliminate the obstacles in businesses.

During the session, the Secretary and Director General of Competition Commission of Pakistan Noman Laiq, Director General Asfand Yar khatak and Director General Shahzad Hussain gave a briefing to the participants. Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s President of Balochistan Haji Abdullah Achakzai, Senior Vice President Haji Agha Gul Khilji and Vice President Syed Abdul Ahad Agha and others of the Competition Commission of Pakistan also briefed the participants of the session.

Speaking to the session CCP’s Chairperson Mrs. Rahat Konain Hassan said that she believes in practical steps rather than verbal lectures so that she can the problems of the traders and provide them with opportunities to work without any problems.

She said that the situation regarding our orders will become more clear after the judicial review. Whatever grievances the business community or company owners of Balochistan have should be conveyed to them through the Chamber of Commerce and action will be taken on them, Mrs. Rahat lamented.



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