File photo of Shehbaz Sharif, former chief minister Punjab

Dawood Ahmed:

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Umar Atta Bandyal to form a full court commission to probe into grave allegations leveled by former prime minister Imran Khan.

The former premier had accused the PM and others of planning his assassination in Punjab’s Gujranwala the other day.

“I think this is the need that this time there should be an immediate decision on the basis of justice. I request the chief justice to form a full court commission with all honorable and respectable judges for the greater interest of this country and to end this discord and chaos,” the prime minister said in a press conference in Lahore.

“I will immediately, via a letter in writing, request this and I hope this request will be supported in favor of people. And if you do not accept this request then these questions will remain forever. This fitna and sazish will be buried only when facts come to light.”

Meanwhile: The Islamabad police pushed back PTI protesters at Faizabad and opened the way for traffic, private TV channels reported.

Protesters pelted stones at the police which prompted them to respond with shelling, pushing the crowd back to Murree Road.

The process of the route being cleared and blocked for traffic continued again and again as protesters advanced and retreated.

The latest traffic update by the police said that road diversions were placed to redirect traffic.

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