File Photo: Chief Secretary Balochistan reviews development projects in Quetta


The pace of the development projects currently underway in Quetta is slow. Various suburbs of this provincial capital paints a bleak picture when it comes to development projects and the availability of basic facilities including water, education, health, road network, and sanitation.

Billions are pumped by the federal and provincial governments to bring this city at par with other developed parts of the country, but with no tangible results. For instance, the dualization of the Sabzal Road, Sariab Road is yet to be completed in spite of passing three years.

Sabzal Road is yet to be constructed

Former Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan inaugurated a portion of the Sabzal Road, which was really a good addition to the development and beauty of Quetta. However, a major portion of Sabzal Road is yet to be completed. Dirty water on the surface of the road and piles of garbage made peoples’ lives miserable.

Residents of the area have made repeated appeals for immediate construction of the road. Chief Minister Mir Quddus Bizenjo has also visited the road and directed an early construction. Despite this all, the road is yet to be constructed. This actually exposes the bad governance in Balochistan.

Action should match the directives of the high-ups

Sariab Road and other ongoing development projects are also underway at a slow pace. Chief Secretary Balochistan, Abdul Aziz Uqaili visited various development schemes the other day and directed the concerned departments to ensure timely completion.

Action should match the directives of the high-ups. People are fed up with the ongoing slow-paced projects, which compound their problems. The provincial government should also share the volume of funds being spent on various development projects in Quetta with the media and people. This will improve transparency and accountability.

A viable master plan needs to be evolved to address the city’s problems including an influx of people, new settlements, traffic, water, education and health problems.

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