Rosh completes a century in Saranan Pishin
A view of roast in Gulab hotel Saranan: Photo Musavir Khan

Musavir Khan Bareech: 

Rosh (roast), a traditional food of Quetta completed a century in Saranan town of Pishin district near the Afghan border. The ancient hotel was established by Haji Gulab Badizai, a century ago in the dust-blowing town of Saranan. 

Haji Gulab Badizai died at the age of 115 years. Now his grandsons are running the hotel where the saltish traditional roast is on sale. “Our utmost effort is to maintain the quality of roast”, Samiullah, the grandson of the Haji sab told Daily Quetta Voice. Earlier, Samiullah’s father was the in-charge of the hotel.

Samiullah says it takes around four hours to prepare the saltish tested roast. “This is not spicy rather stomach friendly”, he smiles while taking out the roast’s cauldron. The hotel owners buy sheep and goats from neighboring Afghanistan to run their business and maintain the quality of the traditional food.


“I have been coming here for the last 50 years”, Haji Faizullah

“I have been coming here for the last 50 years”, Haji Faizullah, an aged man eating roast said. “No difference in the taste of the roast”, he mentioned. The hotel was jam-packed with mutation and roast-loving people from various parts of the country.

“I have come from Sindh to have the taste of this roast”, Asif Jhakrani, a resident of Jaccobabad said. Jhakrani was invited by his friend Daro Khan to Pishin to have a taste of the ancient hotel. “What a taste, this is not available in entire Sindh”, Jhakrani stated.

Dozens of roast hotels were established on the Quetta-Chaman highway

Over the last two decades, a large number of roast hotels have been established on the Quetta-Chaman highway linking Pakistan neighboring Afghanistan. Every restaurant tries new methods when it comes to cooking the roast. However, Gulab hotel’s taste is matcheless.

“We buy organic sheep and goats from the mountains in Afghanistan”, Samiullah informed. He said, “no compromise over the quality and hygiene”.

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