Balochistan: 271 Dengue cases reported from Turbat in December

Syed Muhammad Qaseem:

QUETTA: Balochistan reported 3389 dengue cases during the last four months. Most of the cases were reported from Balochistan’s Mekran division, health sources told Daily Quetta Voice. The preferred not to be named.  

During the last two days, 64 cases were reported from Gwadar and Panjgur districts of Balochistan, they mentioend. The cases are increasing because the stagnant flood water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Dengue, Malaria, and Gastro are killing more people than floods

Dengue, Malaria, and gastro are killing more people than the floods did, Dr. Shireen Khan, a well-known medical  professional said. The government needs to restore the damaged BHUs on an emergency basis to treat the patients, Dr. Khan stated. Demand for medicines and testing kits is increasing so the incumbent government must ensure the timely supply of these items, he suggested.

According to the statistics shared by the Health Department of Balochistan 49 cases were reported from Panjgur and 15 cases were reported from Gwadar. After these cases, 191 people were found Dengue positive in the province in only one week.

After the floods, many pandemic diseases have been born in different areas of the province. These diseases include malaria, dengue, gastro, etc. The diseases are spreading all over Balochistan, particularly in the high-temperature regions at a high rate.

Balochistan Recieved Historically Worst rainfall

Balochistan received heavy rainfall due to climate change. Most of the areas of Balochistan were flooded which provided a large surface area for the mosquitoes to breed which gave birth to the diseases like malaria and dengue.

Over 700 hundred Basic Health Units (BHUs) are damaged by the floods, due to which the medical staff and patients are faced with problems. The patients are referred to Quetta and other provinces as there is a lack of beds and medicines in the hospitals of the affected areas.

“Dengue and malaria seem to have replaced covid-19 in Balochistan and Sindh”, a health specialist told Daily Quetta Voice. Deaths are reported from different parts of Balochistan and most of them are children and aged men and women.

Although dengue is common in Balochistan and Sindh after the monsoon rains the government seems to be unplanned and unprepared each year.  “They are never prepared and turn to fire-fighting when things get out of control,” said Qaisar Sajjad, secretary-general of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA).

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