"Where should I take my young daughters", a mother narrates her ordeal

Syed Muhammad Qaseem: 

The powerful waves of the floods left many people shelterless in Quetta and different parts of Balochistan. The affectees are still in desperate need of food and shelter after passing almost a month. 

” Where should I take my young daughters, It has been 23 days since the floods swept away our house”, Maryam, an aged woman bursts into tears while narrating her ordeal. 


The torrential rains unleashed by flash floods wreaked havoc across the province. The merciless waves swept away 65,000 houses in Balochistan. The floods claimed many precious lives primarily children, women, and aged men were among the dead. Dozens of women and children can be seen on the roadside waiting for relief and support in the northern outskirts of Quetta. “Here, floods washed away more than two dozen houses”, Abdul Wasey, a young man displaced by floods stated.

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“We have not received any tent or support from the government”

“We have not received any tent or support from the government”, the woman frustratedly stated. However, a private charity organization had provided a tent to Maryam and her family members.

Maryam’s house was located in Nawa Kili, the northern outskirts of Quetta. It has been 23 days since her home was swept away in the floods, but still, the government did not provide any type of support. So one can imagine the situation of flood affected in Nasirabad division, which was completely flooded.

” I had sent my daughters to our relative’s house, I along with my younger son are staying on the roadside “, Maryam told Daily Quetta Voice.

Like Maryam, there are many women, children, and aged men who are facing difficulties. Nasirabad is among the worst flood-hit areas in Pakistan, where a large number of affected are without support. Nasirabad is in desperate need of medical staff and medical supplies from the provincial government. Especially, thousands of pregnant women are deprived of basic health facilities and nutrition.

Pakistan is one of the top five countries vulnerable to climate change

Pakistan is marked as the 5th most vulnerable country to climate change across the globe. The recent floods were marked as heavy floods in the history of Pakistan. All of the government institutions participated to cope with the floods, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif was also visiting different flood-affected areas of the country to step up rescue and relief activities.

The current flood situation seemed to be out of the control of the Federal and Provincial governments. The International Community must help Pakistan to fight Climate Change since the country’s emissions are ignorable.

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