Natural beauty of Zangi Nawar Dam Noshki attracts tourists
A view of Zangi Nawar Dam Noshki: Photo provided by the author

Syed Ali Shah, Haji Tayyab Yallanzai :

The natural beauty of Zangi Nawar Dam Noshki attracts tourists from across Balochistan and other parts of the country. However, very few people know about the natural beauty and location of the dam spreads over around 1100 acres of land.

A beautiful view of the blue water located below sand dunes, wild trees, and bushes attracts tourists. The sand dam is filled with floods water currently. Raging floods wreaked havoc across Pakistan. However, this sand dam filled with water for the first time after more than three decades. Locals of the area say there are 21 big holes located in the sand dunes. They absorb flood water for centuries.

A view of the Zangi Nawar Dam

“The natural beauty of this dam is unmatchable”

“The natural beauty of this dam is unmatchable”, Amjad Rasheed, a well-known environmentalist said. He said the government and media should promote the dam to promote tourism and attract tourists.

In the morning, a view of the rising sun from the sand dunes gives a beautiful look. This is rare in many parts of the globe. The dam is located almost 160 kilometers west of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

“This can be one of the famous tourist points in the country if promoted and protected”, Ghulam Dastagir Badini, the former Balochistan minister said. He said the provincial government has to focus on the cleaning and protection of the dam since it is a rare natural beauty in the region.

Migratory birds come to Zangi Nawar Dam

Every year, migratory birds also come to the Zangi Nawar Dam in the winter season. Migrator birds from Russian Siberia and other parts of the globe come to the sand dam.

Floods water’s destination is Zangi Nawar and Shorawak Afghanistan

The final destination of flood water from Quetta, Pishin, and Killa Abdullah is always Zangi Nawar Dam and the Shorawak area of  Afghanistan. Floods disappear in the sand dunes in the area. This is for the first time in three decades that the dam filled with water.

“People come and spend summer nights here”, Muhammad Yar Badini, a resident of the area said. He said the provincial and federal governments have to work for the protection and promotion of the only sand dam located in the region.

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