Food Shortage: Floods cause massive destruction in Balochistan 

By: Syed Muhammad Yaseen 

Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains caused a massive destruction in Balochistan. The recent heavy rainfall resulted in devastation in all parts of the province. The resource-rich mineral province of Pakistan is disconnected from rest of the country for last few days.


Food and Medicine Shortage makes it difficult to live in Balochistan

The on going flash floods devastating all districts of the province resulted in major food and medicine shortage. Thousands of people were forced to flee their native hometowns for safety from floods. Unfortunately, this intra-provincial migration caused a major shortage of food and medicine shortage in the province. Many people are left with no pure water to drink, no food to eat, and no shelter to live in.


Balochistan disconnected from rest of the Country

Almost all the highways and railways connecting Balochistan with Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa remain disconnected as floods wreck havoc in the country.

Quetta to Karachi Highway suspended: 

 The Quetta to Karachi Highway is suspended for last 10 days as floods drowned roads and rail tracks. Lasbela, the bordering district of Balochistan with Sindh received high floods and road networks were destroyed as a result. The government has asked people to stay in homes for their safety and flee out of those areas which come in the way of water.

Quetta to KPK Highway drowned: 

The road network connecting Balochistan with KPK is blocked due to soil and land erosion in the mountains of Drazanda, Sherani district. The Assistant Commissioner asked people to avoid travel until government machinery reopens the road and the situation gets stable.

Musakhail and Dera Ghazi Khan Disconnected: 

The flow of traffic on Fort Manro of Dera Ghazi Khan connecting Punjab and Balochistan remains suspended. Recent floods in Musa Khail district of Balochistan wiped out the roads and people are not able to drive. Reports of road damages and transport disconnection were reported from the Musa Khail district of Balochistan. Musa Khail district borders Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab.

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Gas Pipeline destroyed due to heavy waterflow in Bolan

A few days ago video circulating on Social Media showed gas pipeline destruction and leakage in the Bolan district of Balochistan. Gas supply got suspended due to this incident in most parts of the province.


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