Wahab Bugti in Balochistan's Dera Murad Jamali: Photo Mir Bilal Umrani

Saadia Umrani:

Heavy rainfall has displaced thousands of people, claiming precious human lives and causing financial losses across Balochistan. Wahab Ali Bugti, the Coke Studio’s singer for the famous song “Kana Yari” was also displaced by flash floods unleashed by heavy rainfall in Balochistan.

Mr. Bugti’s name came into the national limelight among famous singers after singing “Kana Yaari” for Coke Studio. Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains in Dera Bugti forced Wahab Ali Bugti to migrate toward Dera Murad Jamali and take refuge in a tent.

“I am thankful to all those who helped me in this hour of trial”, Wahab Ali Bugti told Daily Quetta Voice via telephone. The news of the displacement of Wahab Ali Bugti went viral on social media and people start sending financial support to the national-fame singer.

The Coke Studio administration also extended support to Wahab Ali Bugti after getting the information about his troubles.

Bugti’s situation became known when a social media user on Twitter detailed the grave conditions the singer and his family has been living in after being impacted by the natural disaster.

“Wahab Bugti, who got famous after singing Kana Yaari at Coke Studio, has been living in dire conditions due to the floods in Balochistan. His mud house was destroyed and his family has been living without a home,” the tweet read, alongside photographs of Bugti and his family standing amongst the rubble left behind by the flooding.

The tweet garnered a quick response, with many asking how to help the singer and his family. One social media user working towards flood relief efforts in Balochistan took it upon themselves to reach out to the singer. After being able to get in contact with him, the user tweeted out a mobile number to directly donate to the singer’s JazzCash account. They also began collecting donations on his behalf after the limit on the JazzCash soon became exceeded after an outpouring of support.

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