PMC registers all 600 medical students of Balochistan

By: Health Desk

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Shehbaz Sharif has dismissed all the members of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). While exercising his authority the Premier has withdrawn nominations of all members of PMC today.

PMC is the successor of Pakistan Medical and Dental College (PMDC) and was established by the then federal government in 2020. Many students and Doctors including the Young Doctors Association recorded protests against the alleged corruption by PMC President, Vice President, and other high authorities.

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Federal Health minister, Abdul Qadir Patel, had demanded of the govt to dissolve PMC and restore PMDC a few weeks ago. Today the PM has dismissed all the members of commission and issued a gazette mentioning that new Members will be nominated by PM and Health Minister soon.

The decision has no impact on MDCAT and other exams:
The current decision by govt leave no impact on the test schedule of National MDCAT and other medical exams by PMC in the coming days. MDCAT tests will be taken according following the schedule and no changes will be made in test dates.

If the senate passes PMC dissolution bill and amends constitution then PMC can be dissolved and PMDC would be given back its old position. Right now dissolution of PMC members leave no impact on the coming MDCAT and other examinations of medical field.

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