Whatsapp to add new features soon
Whatsapp to add new features soon

WhatsApp to add New Privacy Features soon

Syed Muhammad Yaseen:
WhatsApp has decided to add a new privacy features in its application for enhancing the privacy of its users. The Social Media messaging app is thought to add three new privacy features in its application soon.

The Metaverse owner Mark Zuckerberg shared very important information on Facebook application about the development of three new privacy features on WhatsApp;

  1. exit group chats without notifying group members
  2. control who can see when you’re online on WhatsApp
  3. prevent screenshots on view once messages.

In addition, WhatsApp is now launching a new global campaign starting in India and U.K. (more countries will be following later) in order to inform users about new features and how WhatsApp secures their experience by using different layers of protections thanks to their privacy features: end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, end-to-end encrypted chat backup, and more.

The focus of their campaign is also to educate people to understand what the real security is: it is important to protect users not only when the information is sent but even when it’s stored (for example, by using end-to-end encrypted backups).
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We’ll keep building new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations, the WhatsApp company officials took onto Social Media site.

WhatsApp to add New Privacy Features soon

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