14 August Independence day celebrations in Balochistan
File Photo: Former Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan and other officials holding the national flag

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The people of Balochistan are celebrating 14 August with great zeal and enthusiasm. 14 August was the day when Pakistan was declared a sovereign state after the end of the British Raj. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement. The aim of the Pakistan Movement was to create an independent nation for the Muslims.

Role of people of Balochistan in the creation of Pakistan:

The people of Balochistan stood with Pakistan Movement to get rid of British Raj and establish a sovereign state for the Muslims where they could easily practice their religion. Qazi Muhammad Essa from Pishin, Jafar Khan Jamali From Jafarabad, Nawab Muhammad Khan Jogezai, and others played an important role in the creation of Pakistan. The princely states were accessed to the dominion of Pakistan through the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Independence day celebrations in Balochistan:

On every 14th of August, there is a festive mood in the capital of Balochistan just like in other cities and towns of Pakistan. The main arteries of Quetta like Jinnah Road, Zarghoon Road, and Airport Road are covered with youths riding motorcycles and cars, carrying the National flag of Pakistan. Many shopping malls, hotels, and government offices like Balochistan Assembly, Balochistan High Court, etc are covered with beautiful and fancy lights.

There are mega functions of 14th August’s celebration in Parks, Stadiums and Shopping malls of the city. Celebrities from different parts of the country come to participate in these functions. The national anthem and patriotic songs are played to increase the zealousness of the audience.

People have covered their Motorcycles, Rickshaws, and Cars with the Green Flag. The streets show the robustness of the patriotism of the masses. Youths show their driving skills through performing stunts i.e wheeling. Cultural dances are performed on every corner of the streets. These activities continue till the next morning.

Balochistan will launch Reko Diq on 14 August

Balochistan is going to launch the multi-billion dollar Reko Diq project on the 14th of August, the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan. This project is a major investment in the region through which new paths for development and prosperity will open.
Balochistan will get a 25% share of the project. The Balochistan government will yearly get 1 Billion Dollars as its share without any investment.

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